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Spec-D Cat Back Exhaust Systems

The name of Spec-D is not as widely known in the exhaust-related automotive aftermarket industry, as Magnaflow or Borla. And seems like they do not put that wide advertising campaign on purpose, in order to keep prices of their exhaust parts to minimum. These cat-back exhausts feature excellent quality at affordable price. In their lineup there is a quality exhaust for every popular vehicle model.

Spec-D uses mandrel tube bending, which means the pipe remains in the right shape with no wrinkles or deformation at the bends. Plus, tubes bent this way do not wrinkle and feature proper radius of the pipe. Spec-D is a perfect solution for the buyers, who are focused on quality and style, rather on hp increase and loud sound.

spec-dSpec-D Tuning exhaust products are a good choice for someone who is modifying a car on a tight budget or someone who is mechanically inclined and prepared to carry out extra work that may be required to fit the exhaust.

Cat Back Exhaust Systems