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Mufflers by Cherry Bomb: Modern Classics

Cherry Bomb mufflers are well-known in the aftermarket performance car parts industry for the last 50 years. These mufflers were developed for hot-rods, and keep getting more advanced since then. The Cherry Bomb muffler catalog offers a variety of of designs and applications, created in accordance with the patented constructions for excellent performance. And the sound of these mufflers is deep, throaty and very recognizable.

Cherry Bomb is the manufacturer of the performance mufflers that has been on the market for decades. So these mufflers have been tested by time, wear and tear, different weather conditions. And this all now allows to use this experience for even more advanced results. Cherry Bomb mufflers are available for cars, trucks and SUVs, and are built for custom sound and enhanced performance.

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Different Cherry Bomb mufflers feature different sound, so there is a variety of options to choose among. There are mufflers with milder sound, as well as loud and aggressive-sounding mufflers. In general, Cherry Bomb catalog allows to pick the right pitch of the exhaust sound. The Turbo series mufflers feature mild yet throaty sound and are not too loud. The Glasspack series mufflers sound also aggressively, yet way louder. The Hot Rod series mufflers are a real business card for Cherry Bomb, as this is the traditional series for the brand. These mufflers are made in the classy design and feature rich and distinctive sound.

Cherry Bomb Exhaust Sound – Video

The loudest muffler out of the whole Cherry Bomb lineup is the Extreme series. These mufflers produce the highest decibel levels and will be definitely heard and noticed by everyone around. Regardless of the series, all Cherry Bomb mufflers are proudly made in the USA, by Americans and for Americans and quality of these mufflers is backed up with decades of experience in the industry.

Source: Cherry Bomb Mufflers – Classic Design and Rich Sound

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