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Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust Systems

Magnaflow is one of those exhaust manufacturers, whose name is always associated with truly American cars and trucks. They proudly state, that they offer exhaust systems and parts ‘made by Americans and for Americans’. In their lineups they offer cat back systems, complete exhaust systems, tips, mufflers and resonators for all vehicles that are popular among the Americans. Apart of the custom-fit exhausts, they offer dimension-specific mufflers and exhaust pipes, so knowing the inlet and outlet diameter and approximate size of the muffler, you will be able to pick one that will perfectly work on the exhaust you are building.

Magnaflow offers several lineups that feature different sounds and pitch, so you can pick aggressive yet throaty sound, or something loud and recognizable. If you want to reduce exhaust sound without compromising horsepower and exhaust flow, Magnaflow offers their mufflers with built-in resonators for you.

magnaflowMagnaflow has been around over 30 years developing quality exhaust upgrades, and having race car legend Mario Andretti endorse your brand doesn’t hurt either. Magnalfow offers a lifetime warranty on most of their performance exhaust products!

Cat Back Exhaust Systems