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Corsa Cat Back Exhaust Systems

All Corsa exhausts with no exception are made of stainless steel. They use grade T304 steel, which makes Corsa catback exhausts not only shiny and good-looking, but also durable and corrosion-resistant. It means to you, that the exhaust won’t rust under the influence of water, road salt and chemicals used in winter to melt ice.

Every catback by Corsa features a custom muffler, durable exhaust pipe of the proper construction and their recognizable exhaust tip.Their exhaust tips feature dual walled construction, which helps to avoid heat distortion. The tips are also made of that stainless steel, which means they will remain shiny for years to come.

corsaOne of the reasons each Corsa exhaust can deliver superior horsepower and torque is because their mufflers utilize a straight through design. This helps reduce backpressure and give you more top end performance when you step on the gas.

Cat Back Exhaust Systems