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Borla Cat Back Exhaust Systems

In the very beginning of its history, Borla used to manufacture exhausts for Ferraris and Rolls Royces, and their choice was extremely limited. Today they offer cat back exhausts for almost any car or truck.  With technologies similar to those used by Magnaflow, Borla employs a straight-through design and acoustical features to get that distinctive, loud and throaty aftermarket exhaust sound. If we compare their approach with Flowmaster, Borla does not feature those bafflers in their mufflers, which allows easier air flow and does not restrict it by means of extra ‘obstacles’. Though, such feature is very usual on the mufflers that may be installed regardless of the direction.

Comparing prices of Borla catbacks with those by Flowmaster or magnaflow one will easily notice, that they are higher. Yet, that price policy appears fair if you consider strictest quality standards and impressive warranty offered by the brand. For instance, all catbacks are made of austenitic stainless steel, the tubing is bent in a specific patented manner.

Borla Cat Back Exhaust SystemsBesides, Borla’s cat back exhausts are made of aircraft-grade steel, which is even more resistant to rust and corrosion. This means years of excellent performance with zero hassle for the owner. Moreover, the brand is so sure about their quality, that they back up their cat backs with million-mile warranty, which is more than enough for the vehicle’s lifespan.

Cat Back Exhaust Systems