Cat Back Exhaust Systems

After all, what is a cat back exhaust? It is the performance-oriented part of the exhaust that goes after the catalytic converter (hence the name – ‘catback’). Depending on the technology, cat back systems are used to increase horsepower, decrease back pressure and provide that aggressive sound.

As a rule, cat-back exhaust is just welded instead of the part of factory exhaust system. The catback system normally comes equipped with an exhaust pipe, muffler and resonator. Normally a catback features an exhaust tip as well. Installing cat back exhaust does not influence the emissions output, because the catalytic converter remains the same.


Borla Cat Back Exhaust Systems
Each cat back exhaust by Borla is made of austenitic stainless steel and is backed up with solid warranty against flaws in materials and workmanship. Being specific, this manufacturer offers 1 million miles warranty to everyone, who orders their exhaust.



Each cat back exhaust by Corsa is made of the highest grade stainless steel (T304). This kind of stainless steel is not only corrosion resistant and won’t rust, but is also super strong. This means years of lasting service and excellent performance to you.



Flowmaster cat back exhaust systems come with their famous mufflers that provide that distinctive and recognizable sound. They are available for the majority of domestic cars and trucks. Also this brand offers several universal cat back exhausts in their lineup.



Magnaflow is well-known for their outstanding quality of materials and workmanship. This brand proudly claims to make cat back exhausts and mufflers ‘by Americans for Americans’. This brand is one of the industry leaders that offer unparalleled quality and back up their products with impressive warranty.



Spec-D is less known in the automotive aftermarket as the catback exhaust manufacturer. It is because they are striving to find the perfect balance between price and quality and do not put that much funds and time to advertising. Instead, they offer excellent quality products at the lowest possible prices.



Gibson is one of the famous exhaust brands in the automotive aftermarket. Their name is associated with impressive sound, increased airflow and very recognizable throaty exhaust sound.


Think of your engine as an air pump that pushes air rapidly through the engine and out the exhaust system. It stands to reason that the fewer impediments to airflow, the faster air moves, which in turn results in best possible horsepower.

How it Works

Increase in airflow (exhaust gas) is at the heart of a Cat-Back system. Increase in exhaust airflow is achieved with the use of larger-than-standard stainless steel exhaust pipe and a direct-flow muffler design.

Cat back exhaust systemsIn the case of V-6 engines, the stock tail pipe of 2.25-inch diameter is replaced with 2.50-inch diameter stainless pipe. The V-8 engine 2.50-inch diameter pipes are replaced with 3.0-inch diameter stainless pipes. In both cases, the larger pipe sizes provide a generous new air volume so air exhaust gas flows much more freely and in greater volume than does a stock exhaust system. The result is higher horsepower and increased engine torque.

Airflow is also improved through the straight-flow design of the muffler chamber. Here, too, airflow is improved and is yet another contribution to the freedom of airflow through the exhaust system and contributes to increased horsepower and torque.

What’s That Sound?

Another effect of the straight-flow muffler design is the acquisition of performance engine sound. In this design, standard sound muffling chambers (called mousetraps) are replaced with a straight-through design that produces a high-performance engine tone.

The rich sound is produced when the exhaust gases fill the muffler chamber. There they expand and, in the presence of very dense Rockwell material in the muffler, a deep tone is created producing a rich throaty engine sound.

The system can be acquired in a couple of sound ranges that allows the user to select a preferred performance sound. The sounds range in tone from a just above a stock rumble to a full-fledged racing roar.

Look at That

Rounding out the benefits of the best Cat Back exhaust systems is its great looks. The system is visually improved by chrome that is applied to the muffler chamber and the exhaust pipe tips that are polished stainless steel. Both additions provide a show-car quality to the system and is a head-turning addition to the Cat-Back.

Why Change to a Cat-Back?

The Cat-Back is for the car enthusiast who is looking for the benefits of performance, sound and looks that are provided by a bolt-on aftermarket product.  A Cat-Back is a system that provides improved horsepower, great competition sound and has head turning car show good looks too.

Applications of the Cat-Back systems cover a wide range of makes and models including sports compact vehicles, muscle cars, as well as gas and diesel trucks. All versions offer the same advantages of larger tail pipe diameters, straight-line muffler design along with chrome mufflers and polished chrome exhaust tips.

If you are looking for a bolt-on product that delivers improved horsepower performance, head turning great looks and a throaty street/race distinctive sound, then a Cat-Back exhaust system is just what you are looking for.

Don’t Worry

In the case of vehicles under factory warranty, the installation of a Cat-Back system may void the warranty of the exhaust system only. This is offset by warranties that come with a Cat-Back system. All other parts of a vehicle warranty will remain in effect. The assurance of this is provided by the Federal Government Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act enacted in 1975.

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Cat Back Exhaust Systems